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Investing in Demographics – Expertise in Germany’s Long Term Housing and Health Care Market

Germany’s demographic development provides vast business opportunities for owners and operators of healthcare facilities and long term housing. Studies show a need of more than 300.000 beds in German nursing homes until 2030. The majority of German households are not suitable for the elderly, creating an ever bigger demand for long term housing as well.

D&S HEALTHCARE is active in the intersections of the operator, owner and real estate segments, with a focus on Germany’s long term housing and care market.

D&S HEALTHCARE’s aim is to help make these markets more transparent and facilitate successful investments in healthcare operations and real estate. We are comprised of a team of entrepreneurs with longstanding personal experience on the investor, operator and real estate side of German healthcare facilities. We have invested in, operated and owned nursing homes and are independent experts now.

Analysis & Market data

In our studies we examined the care market, the market of assisted living and alternative forms of housing.


We bridge the gap between operators, investors and real estate owners.

10 years of experience in operations and investments.

We help to idendtify opportunities in an intransparent long term health care market.

Known from the press