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D&S Healthcare creates market transparency

There are more than 13,000 nursing homes in Germany, containing 800,000 beds. The market is consolidating at a fast pace – big nursing home operators are starting to emerge. Investors and corporates who invest in nursing are facing an increasing competition. Foreign investors have a huge impact in investments in nursing home businesses and real estate. In 2014 approximately 800 million euros were invested by institutional investors in nursing home real estate alone.

Private investors are also entering the market, creating a demand for individualized nursing home appartments. Investors are competing for assets – be it on the operator or real estate side – , yet the market as a whole is still intransparent. D&S Healthcare has a database containing all German nursing homes, operators as well as home care providers and helps investors identify viable takeover targets.

Research und Studien zum Gesamtmarkt

Erste Vollerhebung aller deutschen Pflegeheime nach Betreibern zu Auslastung, Pflegesätzen etc.

  • Occupancy as a result of MdK-Transparenzbericht
  • Care grades given by authorities
  • Care Rate breakdowns
  • Number of beds
  • Operator group ownership (Top 25)
  • Address, postal code etc.
  • Database with 13,000 entries
  • Demographic data for locations
  • Detailed location analysis possible
  • Display of all data on maps
  • Database for Assisted Living and home care providers

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