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A highly fragemented operator market is consolidiating


Big operating chains are starting to emerge from the ongoing consolidation in Germany’s stlll highly fragmented nursing market. This is putting more pressure on smaller competitors.

This creates challenges in occupying beds as well as recruiting and retaining staff. In addition, state laws make it more difficult to operate (introdcution of new single room quotas, change in refinancing of investment costs, etc.). It is becoming more unattractive to operate and manage a single nursing home. Thus, integrating nursing homes and assisted living schemes is coming more to the center of attention.

In addition experts expect up to 14% of the current nursing home stock to be in danger of going bankrupt – driving factors being outdated buildings as well as poor operator management.


As founders of D & S, we have personally and successfuly operated nursing homes. We are experienced in repositioning distressed operations and offer asset and interim management services to owners of operators.

We compare competing nursing homes in regard to their location, occupancy rates, pricing and other criteria and give owners, operators and directors valuable information to help drive their own business strategy forward. We also offer valuable assistance in care rate negotiations with our database, which contains historical care rate data of all compared operators. D & S also helps succession planning for family businesses and provides free business valuations of operating companies.

D&S hilft bei Nachfolgeregelungen für Familienbetriebe und bietet eine kostenlose Kurzeinschätzung zur Bewertung des Betriebes./p>

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